Thankful Thursday

As I start this Thursday I can’t help but think about everything that is wonderful about my life.  I am by no means a perfect person.  No one is.  I have made my fair share of bad decisions and mistakes.  There are so many things that I would love a “Do Over” for.  BUT that is not something that is possible.  In light of everything I have done wrong, God has blessed me with SO many WONDERFUL things.  Things I am simply not worthy of but very thankful for.  Sometimes I am ashamed that someone like me can be blessed with SO much.  I can’t help but wonder why? And yet every single time I ask myself that question there is always only one answer that makes sense.  He LOVES me.  The entire me.  Mistakes, failures, bad decisions and the sinner.  ALL of me.  There is no other logical explanation.  And for that I am the MOST thankful for.

As you go through your day today pause and take notice of everything in your life that makes your heart smile.  Those are the things you should be thankful for.


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