The Sea Of Love

As I rolled down an ash covered roadside past the smoke and the debris. I paused for just a little while not wanting to be me. I’m so sad and very lonely I heard myself proclaim. Then in an instant I got bigger as another tear drop came. I asked the other tear drop where did you come from? And the tear drop almost whispering said I came from someone’s mom. I said, how sad, that sounds like me I came from someone’s wife. A volunteer that held a hose sadly lost his life. Then there was another that had … Continue reading The Sea Of Love

The Woman You Never Knew

You asked me how I did it How I could forget so many years The truth is that I didn’t I just cried too many tears I never thought I’d love again But time proved that’s not true Cause I have fallen deeper Than I ever fell with you I forgot who it was I use to be It’s been a blessing in disguise I no longer walk on eggshells And don’t have to hear your lies If my life were to end tomorrow I’d be happy with how I grew Because I’m not the woman you left behind I’m … Continue reading The Woman You Never Knew

Worthy Of A Rose

In life I was her weed though she was worthy of a rose But I never thought to tell her And now I pray she knows Her life was way too short for those who loved her here But you have called her home And I miss her so dear I do not have to tell how much I miss her so Cause you can see within me And you already know You know that I’m hurting You know I’m in pain So I pray to you Lord You’ll send her back now and then If only in my dreams … Continue reading Worthy Of A Rose