A Time For Sleep

The ice hit the plastic designer crystal glass with a dull flat thud, an almost full bottle of a much-needed spirit was held inches above the rim of the glass and poured as the count began.
“One…Two…Three.” The slight up and down motion of the bottle raised a little bit higher as each number was said out loud.
“That should do it.” Topping the drink off with coke with a fearful shaking hand.
It would soon turn to be a very restless night for Skyler Adams. A storm moving in from the west knocked out the power in her small efficiency one bedroom apartment. Nervously she lit candles and placed one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom and one in the living room. A huge bolt of white light, followed with an immense loud crash of thunder and perpetual hail raining down on the roof just feet above her head caused her to pace fearfully debating if she needed to climb into the bathtub and brace herself to go flying off somewhere over the rainbow. Not even the soft flickering light coming from her warm vanilla scented candles would give her any comfort tonight.
“I can do this” she repeats to herself as if those four words are somehow magic and will cause the frightful storm to just disappear.
“It’s just a little rain. Right Milo?”
Milo instantly gave his all too famous tilt of the head one ear standing at attention look and Skyler melted. Milo was Skyler’s most prized possession. A beautiful silver-haired Yorke given to her by her mother the day she left her estranged husband Mack and moved into her cozy little apartment. Her mother just couldn’t bare the thought of her “baby girl” being alone so she insisted Skyler take Milo. Skyler wasn’t exactly thrilled at the thought of being responsible for a dog when she could barely take care of herself but Milo melted her the very first night.
“Oh Milo, I hate storms!” she said as she sat on the sofa and took that first long slow sip of a slightly stronger than usual crown and coke.
“Mmmm, This night the stronger the better.” she said as she shook her head, licked her lips and slapped her thigh motioning for Milo to come to her, Milo didn’t hesitate. Eagerly he claimed his spot on Skyler’s lap and jumped up to flood her with kisses.
Ever since she was a child she feared storms. One would think that after 28 years a person would be use to them. But there was just something about the brutal strength of mother nature and its unmerciful force that made relaxation a near impossible feat and this night would be no different.

**Still Unfinished**


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