A Thursday For Thinking

Last night I watched the movie I’m Not Ashamed.  I was extremely touched emotionally by it.  If you have not seen or heard of it then you should see it.  It has an extremely powerful message and it was delivered through the short life of a teenager.  I am a grown adult and I only hope and pray I would have the courage that girl had.  But the fact is I am weak.  And it is when sinful thoughts pop in my head that I realize just how weak I am.  Nobody wants to purposely be a sinner.  At least … Continue reading A Thursday For Thinking

First Post Of 2017

Another year has come and gone and it has been one huge roller coaster of emotions and events.  This past year has brought new friendships, laughter and happiness.  It has also brought many tears because of the loss of my dear friend Jane and our sweet dog Caddy.  The losses were at the end of year so it made the holidays not quite as happy this year.  When you love  someone/something and lose it there is always something missing when that “first without them” happens.  But sadly I am left here to go on without them. New Years…Time for new … Continue reading First Post Of 2017


Tree….That word takes me back to a dear friend of mine. Have you ever gotten one of those pesky pain in the butt random telephone solicitors that want to keep talking even after you tell them I am not interested?  Well…when they wouldn’t stop talking instead of hanging up…he messed with them and just said TREE.  Every time they would speak he would just keep saying TREE.  Usually they hung up on him because they thought he was loony tunes and they almost always took him off their call list.  Which is what he wanted to begin with. So the next time you get one have a … Continue reading Tree