The Dawning Of An Early Fall

Well it has been a minute since I have posted anything.  Sometimes LIFE happens and we tend to get wrapped up in it.

This past weekend I was out on the back porch and a wonderful breeze was blowing and I just so happened to look down and notice that the leaves have already begun to fall from the trees.  What is this?  It is the beginning of AUGUST! Hello!!! We are not supposed to have leaves on our patio’s yet.  The old saying “seasons change” literally  took on a NEW meaning.

Sometimes in life we go through situations and circumstance that force us to accept changes that we are not accustomed to accepting.  Sometimes change is forced upon us and we are simply not expecting nor prepared for it. Very much as with the leaves falling at the beginning of August.  It is sometimes necessary at that point to change our plans and deal with the situation.  In this case, I just had to blow the leaves off the porch.  Most of the time the fix is more difficult than just going out to the shed a getting a leaf blower.  But we can , with a little effort, change even the unexpected.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.  🙂


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