Thankful Thursday

Reflecting back on a post from December 13, 2016 about my very DEAR friend Kim… I had to take this opportunity to share what God has done!  First let me remind you that Kim had a stroke and has been in a wheelchair for five years.  A couple of weeks ago she got feeling back and started walking! PRAISE GOD!  I can not begin to tell you how happy this news made me! I am ashamed to admit that I myself have had conversation with God that went a little something like “If someone like Kim can not be blessed for her faithfulness then there is NO HOPE at all for someone like me.” God listened.  God understood.  And God answered.  Not just my prayers but the prayers of many of His children that were praying for Kim.

How many of us have ever hoped they would get to witness a “real life” miracle? Well I did AND I HAVE witnessed my miracle.  Kim is SO dear and SO precious! She has been through and overcome more turmoil in this lifetime than anyone should have to bear.  She has kept the faith and kept daily conversation and prayer amid very trying and difficult times! God has plans for Kim! He always had plans for Kim.  She has sown MANY seeds that have taken root and sprouted.  He crossed our paths purposely.  I am extremely THANKFUL that He chose to send an angel named Kim to scatter seeds in my world and make it beautiful! Her infectious smile alone alludes peace, joy and love!

What are you thankful for?


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for life and thankful to have Kim as a friend …. Our God is awesome and I’ve seen miracle especially in her life and with her little one. Life is so precious.. thank you Jesus!🙏🏽😍

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