Take me back TUESDAY

Today my youngest son Dalton is 23.  It seems like just yesterday he was that cute little baby boy with the blonde curls.  Where did the years go? And WHY did they have to go so darn fast!  It would be so amazing if we could rewind our lives whenever we wanted and hit the pause button.  There are SO many wonderful memories that I would love to relive in slow motion.  Of course there are a few I would like to record over or erase too.  But none that would alter me having the 3 amazing sons that I have!  I am truly BLESSED!

Unfortunately, we can’t go back.  We can only move forward in time.  There is one thing I CAN do.  I can let photos memories take me back.

Be thankful and cherish your memories…Sadly some people have lost even those.

Hope everyone has a blessed day!




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