A Thursday For Thinking

Last night I watched the movie I’m Not Ashamed.  I was extremely touched emotionally by it.  If you have not seen or heard of it then you should see it.  It has an extremely powerful message and it was delivered through the short life of a teenager.  I am a grown adult and I only hope and pray I would have the courage that girl had.  But the fact is I am weak.  And it is when sinful thoughts pop in my head that I realize just how weak I am.  Nobody wants to purposely be a sinner.  At least I don’t.  And sometimes I am so weak that I commit the sin and sometimes I say to myself “NO…I am not gonna do this!”   I am just SO glad that God loves me SO much that he made a way for all of my sins to be forgiven of me.  He sacrificed His Son for MY sins.  I am DEFINITELY so NOT worthy of that! Nothing I could ever DO or SAY could EVER in a million years make me even close to worthy of that kind of love.  So why does God love me?  That is a question I will humbly ask Him one day. That is IF I can even find the words to speak to Him.  I don’t feel I’m worthy to even look at His GREATNESS so being able to speak to Him? Let me just say I pray He understands the language of a babbling, crying, amazed and honored woman.

I just wanted to share my thoughts.  I hope everyone has Blessed day!


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