First Post Of 2017

Another year has come and gone and it has been one huge roller coaster of emotions and events.  This past year has brought new friendships, laughter and happiness.  It has also brought many tears because of the loss of my dear friend Jane and our sweet dog Caddy.  The losses were at the end of year so it made the holidays not quite as happy this year.  When you love  someone/something and lose it there is always something missing when that “first without them” happens.  But sadly I am left here to go on without them.

New Years…Time for new beginnings, resolutions and a reflections!  There can be a lot of excitement about anticipations.  Things that we look forward to doing AND accomplishing in the coming months.  I say the same thing EVERY year but this time I WILL get it done.  Number one thing on my list…WEIGHT LOSS.  This is the year I turn the big 50.  I am still wondering where the hell did the years go!  But I will say this much…GOD has BLESSED me BEYOND my worthiness! I am SO grateful.

I wish everyone happiness and success in 2017!



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