Tuesday Thoughts

Last night I talked to a very dear friend of mine.  Her name is Kim.  I met her many years ago at work (lets say 29).  She use to talk to me all the time about God and Jesus.  She was SO filled with the spirit of the Lord.  I can not think of a time that she was not smiling or testifying about all of the blessings in her life.  She had a wonderful husband named Bobby and a son named Kyle.  Just being around her during the day made me happy.  One could not help but smile.  She was that infectious!

Over the course of the years we lost touch.  In 1998 I lucked up and found her.  I found out at that time that she had given birth to another son, named Aaron. He was born on MY birthday I might add as God likes to show us evidence that some paths were meant to be crossed. However he was a very premature baby…WAY premature.  If memory serves me correctly born at 26 or 28 weeks.  All the doctors told her that Aaron would NEVER make it.  And that even if he did he would have all kinds of difficulties and would not be able to function.  Most anyone would have given up.  NOT Kim.  She prayed, she cried, she SCREAMED to heaven her prayers and they WERE heard!  She NEVER lost faith in God or His promises to those that love Him and call upon Him.  Aaron is still doing well today and he is a very bright and loving kid. Very much a blessing to their family.  And once again life happened and we lost touch for many years yet again.  Luckily once again we found each other.  So much has happened to her in those years.  She went through having to have a kidney transplant. She was on death’s door. Praise be to God, He had OTHER plans.  Her brother donated one of his  kidneys to her.   And wouldn’t you know that the devil just couldn’t stand that and he attacked her once again.  She had a stroke and is now in a wheelchair.  She has the ability to speak and full use on her left side and only limited use on her right side.  EVERYTHING that the devil has thrown at this woman, through prayer from all her family, friends and prayer warriors, the devil has failed.  I talked to her last night and she had taken a fall yesterday.  She is bruised up and in great pain.  This very strong woman broke down and cried.  She has fought SO hard through SO many obstacles and is growing weak and tired.   She has been SO full of faith and spirit in all the years I have known her.  I am such an AWFUL person (in comparison to her ) and if the things that had happened to her had happened to me…it would probably have been karma paying me back and would have been justified.  But HER???  It breaks my heart.

I can not tell you how grateful I am for EVERYTHING God has blessed me with.  It is things like this that make me stop and wonder why bad things happen to good people.  And why bad people seem to escape rough times.  If you wouldn’t mind…Please keep my friend Kim in your thoughts and prayers.





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