Fact Friday

It is really amazing how we can find ourselves (myself included) making judgments on others and then catching ourselves doing it.  I for one have done it many times and I find myself having to ask for forgiveness.  God knows that I have done my fair share of messing up.  I also know that I do not like to be judged.  So why is it that we do it without even thinking about it.  What makes it SO easy to do???  I don’t know if we will EVER know that answer.  I know a lot of people will use the old cliché “the devil made me do it.”   It would be nice to blame everything on the devil.  BUT…that just simply enables us to not take responsibility for our actions.  We as humans are going to mess up,  we are going to sin because we are flesh.  I hate that part of myself.  Yet even though I hate it…I realize that I have to learn to forgive myself sometimes too.  Sometime we ARE our own worse enemy.

Enjoy your weekend.  Go make someones story a happy one.


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