Thoughts and Prayers Thursday

This is supposed to be a happy season, filled with hope and joy.  It is now a season of loss and devastation to many here in Tennessee.  Fires have consumed these beautiful mountains and loss of life, homes and businesses are being felt throughout The Great Smoky Mountains.  My heart is saddened.  We have spent many occasions camping, hiking and fishing with in this beautiful landscape.  Today I realized just how evil some people can be.  I was reading a tweet that the person stated  this in reference to the “Trump Supporters”

“Let them burn” and “too bad it’s not the whole state burning!”  

What is wrong with people?  How could someone be so heartless?  People should be coming together at a time like this.  NOT taking part in celebrating or hoping for a more horrific tragedy!  Innocent people and animals have died. There are people now without income AND  a home! It sad to know there are fellow Americans that are SO full of themselves that they are so vile and without compassion.  What is this world coming to?

My heart, thoughts and prayers are with everyone that is feeling any type of loss due to this tragedy.  May God be with you in your time of need.


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