Forever Friend Friday

Today my heart is heavy.  It is broken.  My dear friend Jane, the one that we had plans to go camping next weekend with, passed away expectantly on Tuesday.  I am still in shock  and can’t quite get a grasp on it emotionally yet.  For years we have been friends.  We have celebrated our birthdays together as they were only 2 days apart.  We have shared tears, beers, laughter, dancing, wine, movies, girls nights in,  girls night out and many more wonderful memories together.  And right now I am simply lost.  It does not feel real.  I keep waiting for her to call me about our camping trip.  We were BOTH so excited about it.  And now I have to prepare to go to a funeral to say goodbye to her.  How the hell am I suppose to say goodbye to her?  I can’t! I don’t want to! I simply WON’T!

She was my friend then, she is my friend now and she will be MY FOREVER FRIEND!


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