What’s Ahead Wednesday

This morning has me thinking about what’s ahead in my path of life.  There are always so many things to wonder about.  I remember when I took this picture.  Tim and I were at Big South Fork National Park camping and we went on a hike to Yahoo Falls.  It was a hot summer day but the woods provided enough shade to make the hike quite enjoyable.  The path looks rather plain and boring if you were to just look at what you see in this picture.  Which leads me to my point.  Just because we can’t see the beauty that awaits us down the road, doesn’t mean it that there is beauty there.  It just simply means that we have to keep going in order to see it.  Beauty is what we chose to make it.  And sometimes beauty can be walking the path with someone that wants to walk it with us.

Whats ahead for you on this Wednesday? Or does it really even matter? Just live, laugh and love the path you walk.  🙂


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