Taking it all in Tuesday…

This morning I decided to express my thoughts on taking it all in.  And what I am referring to is ALL of the beauty we have been blessed with that we often take for granted.  I took this picture of my boyfriend Tim one evening while we were out fishing.  The sun was getting ready to set and it was just SO beautiful.  I just had to capture that moment.   He is just a silhouette in the corner and is surrounded by one of the prettiest sunsets I believe I have ever experienced.  This picture tells a story.  And I believe that story is this.  There are times in our life where it appears there is no bright side.  It is then that we need to keep our heads held high and feel confident that not everything may be as it seems.  As in this picture, one corner appears dark and grim but the other corner reveals the beauty of the ENTIRE picture.

Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday…Take it ALL in 🙂


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