Monday Madness

So…Today I started off with having 2 positive thoughts for the day.

First  I positive thought…I’m not gonna let them pinch my nerves today.  Them, I am referring to the callers that call in for work, as I am a customer service rep.  I get calls some days that make me want to SCREAM!  I know I should try and be patient and understanding…It’s just some days that is extremely hard.  Patience has always been my weakest area.  So I do a lot of eye rolling and face contortion throughout my day.  Unfortunately it is already the afternoon and I have been pinched several times.  😦

Second positive thought…It’s almost Friday.  I KNOW…I am WAY over doing that one but hey give me credit…you can’t get more positive than that.  So on that happy positive note I will leave you til next time.  Hope you all have a GREAT Monday.


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