The Sea Of Love

As I rolled down an ash covered roadside past the smoke and the debris. 
I paused for just a little while not wanting to be me. 
I'm so sad and very lonely I heard myself proclaim. 
Then in an instant I got bigger as another tear drop came. 
I asked the other tear drop where did you come from? 
And the tear drop almost whispering said I came from someone's mom. 
I said, how sad, that sounds like me I came from someone's wife. 
A volunteer that held a hose sadly lost his life. 
Then there was another that had a story of his own. 
Said I came from another country but America's my home. 
Then we met a larger tear with a story so hard to bare. 
Over a million tiny voices said we formed when we heard a prayer. 
We all then came together, my were we ever huge. 
And I couldn't help but ask them what are we gonna do? 
Off somewhere in the distance, a voice had beckoned me. 
So we rolled on down and found the shore to a large forgotten sea. 
Do you remember us? We're tear drops from the past. 
Vietnam, the Civil War, and a ship taking its first path. 
We're the sea of pain and sorrow and we formed like all of you. 
By those that really loved us and some we never knew. 
Won't you come and join us? You'll find a lot of love in here. 
For we are now a family in one big massive tear. 
I find it fitting that I tell you, we'll be in Gods gentle loving hands 
when it's time to fill the sea of love in His great promise land.

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