Worthy Of A Rose

In life I was her weed 
though she was worthy of a rose 
But I never thought to tell her 
And now I pray she knows 
Her life was way too short 
for those who loved her here 
But you have called her home 
And I miss her so dear 
I do not have to tell 
how much I miss her so 
Cause you can see within me 
And you already know 
You know that I'm hurting 
You know I'm in pain 
So I pray to you Lord 
You'll send her back now and then 
If only in my dreams 
You'll let me see her sweet face 
It would make me so happy 
It would be a vision of grace 
I never took the time 
to make sure that she knew 
I was proud to be her daughter 
so now I beg of you 
Kiss mama on just one cheek 
 save the  one for me 
So I can kiss the other 
when we meet while I dream

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