Just some randomness :)

Hi there…Hope everyone is doing well on this beautiful sunny day.  Well at least it’s a beautiful sunny day here in Tennessee.  Today I have been in a really great mood.  Maybe because it is Friday and my weekend is fixing to begin.

It is now officially the fall season.  I have to admit I absolutely LOVE everything to do with fall.  The colors, the temperatures, the smells and even the clothes.  There’s hoodies, bonfires and lets not even talk about all of the Halloween and Thanksgiving goodies. All of those thoughts give me such comfort.  They take me back to much simpler times.  Times when the world was much kinder.  In life we are told we should always look forward and not backwards.  I think that is SO sad.  Because of everything going on in the world today…looking forward is a nightmare.  I wanna go back to the good ole days! Unfortunately, we can’t! So what is one to do? Only thing I know to do is a LOT of praying and hoping for the best.

What are your thoughts?





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