Hello Again :)

Just a lunch time thought…

Today started off with me being in a very positive state of mind.  It always seems like it doesn’t take a lot to get me irritated.  And I hate that part about myself.  The worst part is that I hold that aggravation in because in customer service you can not just come out and tell some one to BE QUIET and LISTEN.  You have to be a little more couth than that.  And it does not help at all that some of them are just plain out RUDE and you can’t be rude back.  Service with a smile…I will admit that there have been a time or SEVERAL that my voice was smiling and my face was needing deliverance.  Unlike Job, patience is not something I was blessed with.

Today in my corner I pray for patience.  For myself and for anyone who is reading this that needs some as well.



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