The first few minutes in the corner

This is the beginning of me sitting in my lil corner with all of my thoughts.  I will try to keep it short and sweet to start this journey.

As a kid I can remember being sent to sit in the corner or in my room for punishment.   Looking back now I find that amusing in an ironic sense.  Please oh PLEASE send me to a corner or to my room now! I would absolutely LOVE the peaceful and quiet reflection time away from the insanity that is taking place in this world today.  Everything has gone absolutely crazy.  It is definitely NOT the same world I grew up in.  Each day seems to get worse. It’s a sad thing when you don’t even want to watch the news anymore.   It really makes me fear for my children and future grandchildren.  What type of life will be in store for them? It really makes me fear for them.

So until I come back to my corner again…I choose to say a prayer for this world we live in.  I pray that everyone will feel peace, hope and love in the midst of all this madness.  I pray that in the darkness that overshadows the events taking place today that a light, even in the dimmest of form, will be able to be seen and will  guide us to a brighter tomorrow.






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